Photoshoot Angels To Make Your Business Go Viral

Photoshoot Angels To Make Your Business Go Viral

1. EYE LEVEL: Eye level is the simplest and most common photography angle. This is the most
familiar perspective for us.
The first step is to look at the eyes of the person you’re photographing. Newbie photographers often use their own eyes as the guide for eye-level shots.
But in reality, you need to be in line with your subject’s eye. If you find yourself tilting your camera up or down, you’re doing it wrong.
Move your camera to match the height of your subject. If the subject is taller than you, turn on the live view on your screen and lift your camera above your head.
When you’re shooting a smaller person, consider crouching or even kneeling.
You should also pay attention to your subject’s head. Face angles are essential when it comes to eye-level shots. In most situations, you want your model to look away from the lens.
Ask them to fix their gaze on an object behind the camera. Doing so prevents them from looking awkward in your shots.
If you want intimate portraits, have them stare into the lens. Or you can ask them to look at your camera’s logo on top of the camera, instead.

 2. Low angle 

Eye level can get boring if that’s the only perspective you use. You can always switch it up by using low angle shots, instead.
A low angle shot makes your subject look much bigger than they are. If you want them to look dominant in your image, then it’s the best perspective to use.
Low angles also make movement in your photo more dramatic. Since it makes legs look gigantic, anything your subject does also looks more intense.
That’s why movies use them a lot in action scenes.
But there is also a downside. Low angles are not the best option when it comes to portraits because it makes people appear unappealing since you’re shooting from below.
It can also make your subject look menacing because their bodies look out of proportion. Feel free to take some test shots and figure out if it’s the right perspective for your image.


The wide angle isn’t so much about how you position yourself while taking a photo. Its magic lies in how it distorts the elements in your image.
So you can shoot with it from various perspectives and create a unique result every time. For instance, you can use a wide-angle shot to make your subject appear bigger. It creates a similar effect to a low angle shot since it throws your subject’s limbs out of proportion.
But you can also use a wide angle for long shots. When you shoot from a distance, it tends to make your subject look smaller. So in this way, it makes the background look more prominent in the image.
Using wide angle also allows you to photograph beautiful landscapes and architectures. You can shoot more of the scenery since it covers a lot more space than a regular lens. You. Can do this using PANORAMIC ON IPHONE TOO OR JUST TILT PHONE HORIZONTAL



The Dutch angle (a.k.a. tilted edgy angle) makes images look edgy because it provides an unconventional perspective.
People expect photos to be straight all the time. When you tilt your frame, you grab your audience’s attention because it’s out of the ordinary.

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